The Importance of Keeping Memories

Someone had beautifully quoted, “Memories are the timeless treasures of the heart.”

Sitting in our backyard in the middle of my beautiful garden, I admired the snake plant, also known for its another name, the mother-in-law’s tongue.
Snake plants are so forgiving by nature you kill them mercilessly; they will still try to evolve. They are less demanding and low maintenance still; they help us in several ways. I clicked a few pics of their spike leaves by putting the camera in portrait mode and tried to capture the colorful butterfly roaming freely near the purple Passiflora incarnate because I love keeping memories; I love seizing every moment that makes me happy.
From a distance, Rohit, my husband, shouted, Kritika, come inside, let the poor camera take some rest. You always force the lenses to work for you let them take a nap too.
Reaching the coffee table, I found Rohit had decorated the table beautifully with sticks of roses and a bowl of water with rose petals.
What special today?
I asked eagerly
Nothing, every day is remarkable when you are around, every moment is precious one must know how to enjoy it.
Oh, is it! I said, rolling my eyes.
Yes, it is! he stretched
Before drinking the coffee, I just clicked a few pictures, and he started laughing again.
Kritika, you must give some bonus sleep to your cameras.
And we laughed, and that laugh also got seized in my phone.
It’s Christmas, and I was searching for something on my hard disk.
On the same coffee table but now things are different Rohit is not the same young man now his trembling hands hardly can able to pick anything from the table without our house help or me.
The snake plant is still there staring at us from the same distance, and now it has many children, and it’s tough to say which is the parent plant, but my enthusiasm and energy are betraying me to take any selfie.
When I opened my laptop, and my shivering hands clicked my memories folder, thirty years back, memories flashed like a flood suddenly.
Joy managed to give me a smile with wrinkled skin, and I tried not to show my emotions but still couldn’t hold it; it overflowed through my eyes.
We were witnessing every single moment in front of our eyes and reliving those days again.
Although there was a massive difference in our appearances now, Joy does not have that silky hair instead;, he has a patch of a few grey hairs. His eyes are weak, and they play hide and seek without the round glasses, and his teeth are now independently taken some different shapes; some of them have also done bid adieu.
Joy, out of excitement, said, look, Sterlin, how we were looking those days, and I must say I am fairer and handsome than you.
That’s because I just came working from the garden. I said with an attitude.
Joy, remember how you used to tease me when I used to click pics. I said in a low voice with a deep breath.
Yes, joy gasped.
Holding joy’s hands, I said,
“People should let go of their past but must preserve the good one. Good memories never fade, and the euphoria is like smelling fresh tuberose”.
We looked at each other, locked our eyes in each additional comfort, joined our heads, and kept on admiring these pics for a long time.
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