Positive Lessons One Can Learn From Cooking

Learning how to cook is one of the essential skills a person can have. When I shifted to my hostel, far away from my favourite homemade food, I was introduced to cooking. The kitchen was a restricted zone for me when I was at home; rules were imposed by my mother for my safety as if the kitchen is some war zone. But she was fearful, and I think over conscious about me.

Then I got busy with my job, and after marriage, my maid helped me with cooking. So honestly, if you will ask me whether I am a good cook, my answer will be a big no.

Neither am I a good cook nor do I love cooking; instead, I used to hate cooking, but this lockdown helped me extract another hidden talent. Now that the lockdown is still in place, so are the restrictions of stepping out of the house. The luring images of exotic dishes on social media encouraging me to try my hands on different recipes.

Guys, let me tell you cooking is not that difficult as I used to think about it previously. I am enjoying it, and it had helped me to learn a few lessons from life as well. I am sharing it here with you.

Lessons I Learned From Cooking

1. Patience:

Cooking tests your patience. It will help if you have lots of patience and care while cooking. Every dish requires different temperatures and a different time. It would need a lot of patience to get a delicious treat at the end.

2.    Balance your life:

You need to take care of every ingredient; you have to balance them perfectly. Anything in excess or more minor will ruin the entire dish. Turning down the heat is always an excellent idea; whether I’m frying French fries, making breakfast omelettes, or doing pancakes for a pickup supper, the best rule is to be gentle. Everything in excess is wrong, If you add a lot of oil or salt to your dish, it may help your taste buds enjoy the taste, but it will affect your health.

3.    Everyone has a different taste:

Every taste bud is different. Some like spicy food, some love eating sweets, so never follow a herd while taking any decisions. Trust your taste before judging.

4.Never give up easily:

Things can go wrong as they always do, but you should not give up easily. With a bit of twist, you can change the flavour. Never get disappointed when things are not going according to plan. The spatula and ingredients are still there in your hands. The secret to being a great chef is not how well you can cook but how well you can solve a problem at the end moment.

5. Learn from your mistakes:

Things can go wrong in the kitchen — they inevitably do, no matter how prepared you are. But I’m a firm believer that there is always a good reason for everything. We have to be willing to wade through the challenge and be open to the lesson.

6. Altruism:

Performing an act for another human being, like cooking for them, is a form of altruism. And altruism can make people feel happy and connected.

7. Builds confidence:

There’s a tremendous amount of confidence-boosting and self-esteem boosting, performing an act like cooking for others.

8. Eagerness to learn:

learning is an ongoing process for a better taste and different cuisines you need to know various recipes. Learning a new thing always helps you to grow.

9. Practice makes a man perfect:

Practice makes a man perfect is an age-old saying which is applicable everywhere. The more you cook, the more you get acquainted with the ingredients and recipe so that you will be rewarded with a delightful treat.

10. Presentation matters:

People say content is the king, yes, I am not refuting, but the presentation matters too. We all love beautifully served dishes.

11. Be attentive at work:

While cooking, a small mistake can lead to a big mishap; after all, we are playing with dangerous elements like fire. So be careful and pay attention to your work.

12. Take risks:

Taking the risk is an absolute necessity of life. To achieve a goal requires the courage to face the fear of uncertainty. Regardless of the outcome, either way, you grow through the process and become more resilient and confident, like doing experiments while trying new recipes sometimes gives us a delicious treat.

Cooking is a survival tool and acts as a canvas to show your creativity and skills. We need to feed our body from time to time to function correctly, and for that, we all must learn at least something about cooking. Moreover, in a situation like this, where a virus attack has almost paralyzed our food industry, and the delivery system is closed, only cooking can save you. Happy cooking.

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