Nainital, a Place for Nature lovers

Are you looking for a place where you can treat your eyes with scenic views and fill your lungs with pollution-free air? If the answer is yes, then Nainital is the place for you. Wrapped in beautiful lustrous greenery, this place is luring in every sense. Nainital is sitting at an altitude of 2084 m in Uttarakhand, India. This beautiful hill station bags many emerald lakes, mesmerizing mountains, gorgeous waterfalls, and idyllic temples. Nainital is derived from the two words called “Naina”, which means eyes and” tal”, which means lake.

I went there in June 2018 on a three-day trip from Delhi; my experience with this place was fantastic. Here I am sharing some of my experiences with this beauty.

Naini lake

Seven hills guard this beautiful emerald freshwater lake. It is located in the heart of Nainital and tempts many tourists from everywhere to visit the place. You can go boat riding and explore the beautiful lake by floating above it or admire it by sitting on the chairs arranged adjacent to the lake. You can even feed thousands of fish in the lake but cannot go fishing. Naini Lakes showcase some of the water’s most alluring qualities, from mesmerizing ripples and mirror-like reflections to crystalline clarity that don’t need editing filters to look spectacular on your laptop screen. The Naini temple residing on the bank of this lake is a famous tourist destination. The place is divine in every sense.

Naina lake

Mall Road

Mall road is famous for shopping. Take a walk on the road while admiring the beauty of Naina lake as the lake and the road goes hand in hand. If you love handcrafted items, then you can get beautifully handcrafted dresses, accessories in these shops.

Naini Peak

you can scan and admire nature from this point

Naini Peak is where you can get a panoramic view of the city and can do horse riding, but we avoided going for a horse ride for safety concerns as the tracks were slippery due to rain.

The experience was mesmerizing when cakes of clouds kiss you, and the calm winds brace you with open arms while standing above these beautiful mountains, and all other things appear like small toys from the cliff.

Khurpa Tal

The crystal-clear water appears like a mirror; the trees adjacent to the lake look as if they are standing one on the other. It is surrounded by lush greenery and beautiful terrain. The lake is an ideal spot to spend a day out amidst nature as it is one of the top Nainital tourist spots. The day we visited this place, the weather was foggy, so that we couldn’t get a chance for a clear view from the top.

Snow point

Snow point is one of the famous spots in Nainital where you can get a panoramic view of snow-clad peaks of Himalayan ranges located towards the Tibetan borders. There is a telescope available at a very nominal price from which you can get a closer look at the Himalayan ranges. If you are an adventure lover, you can go trekking also. The day we visited this place, the climate was clear, so we witnessed the breathtaking view without any problems, but most of the time, the atmosphere is foggy, so check it out before you visit this place.

Corbet fall

This beautiful small waterfall is located on Nainital road amidst the lush forest. The cool water in the lap of mother nature is something special to offer. You can play with this water and take pictures as well. I loved this place as there was less traffic and the place was peaceful. Snacks are available at a stone’s throw distance from the fall so that you can enjoy the salubrious weather of Nainital by feeding yourself with some lip-smacking delicacies.

Beautiful Corbet fall

Tea Gardens

You can witness green waves of tea plants in this tea garden. Even you can pluck a few leaves and purchase organic tea from the factory, situated adjacent to the park. This beautiful garden is located in Bhowali, which is located just a few kilometres away from Nainital.

Green blankets of Tea Garden

Fruit orchards

As they say, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away” here, you can get many apples jewelled on the trees. These new bombs of antioxidants are pretty tempting to the naked eye. Rolling hills enveloped with green trees, pine forests and trees laden with apples; other fruits provide a green dose of healing for the cluttered mind.

Fresh Plums

Hanuman Garhi Temple

The divine beauty of the temple can not be described in words but can only be felt. One of the most famous temples in Nainital, the Hanuman Garhi Temple, is believed to have been established in the early 20th century. Surrounded by towering hills in the lush green valleys of Nainital, this beautiful temple is also famous as one of the most beautiful sunset destinations in the region. You can spot many monkeys lingering around the temple. Be careful if you are taking any food items. The monkeys may snatch those things from your hands. The temple is located at an elevation of more than 6400 feet, and hence it also provides its visitors with the panoramic beauty of Nainital.

Best Time to Visit Nainital

The best time to visit the place is between March to June as Nainital is a hill station many people visit the mystic beauty during the summer to escape from the scorching sun. But again, if you are a fan of snow, then the best time to visit the place is between November to February, which is the winter season. I will not recommend visiting the area in the rainy season as there is a risk of landslides, and most sites are also closed due to the heavy rain. The roads are stiff, and rain makes it more challenging to drive. As I visited the place in June, at the beginning of the rainy season, we faced a lot of difficulties the weather was misty most of the time so we couldn’t get a clear view of the mountains. Most of the roads are blocked due to landslides, so I couldn’t get an opportunity to visit few spots. However, you can witness small waterfalls in many places during this season. But most of the sites are closed due to the extreme weather.


Here you can get private taxis at a very nominal rate. I recommend taking the cab on your own and not from the hotel as they will charge you more.

They say nature’s beauty has healing properties—that a dose of green works wonders for our physical and mental well-being. Take the time to unplug. Nainital is a beautiful place to escape from the hustle-bustle city life and enjoy nature’s splendour in the lap of nature.

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