Why Time Management is Highly Crucial for Healthy and Wealthy life

Time, as we all know, cannot be renewed. Once it makes a bid adieu to you, it will never come back to see you again; that’s the harder part to gulp when talking about time.

Those hours, minutes, and seconds had never stopped or recounted for anybody; they keep ongoing tirelessly without any complaint by making us helpless to catch it or hold it eventually.

Unless until you have a time machine, just like some science-fictional movies, you cannot travel to your past; hence once it’s gone means, it’s gone forever.

This is the reason why time is so-so important and why we should respect and manage it properly.

Everyone in this world is blessed with the same amount of time, the richer can’t buy more, or the poor cannot get less just because of their underprivileged status.

So, why are some people are more successful than others? Why do some people utilize their time productively while others keep running to achieve their target within a stipulated period and still fail to achieve it?  When everyone is receiving the same twenty-four hours, how the difference takes place in using the same time.

We often notice that time flew just like a wink when we were happy, and sometimes when you are bleak, time goes like a tortoise.

Don’t think of time as money. Time is precious as it’s rare that one cannot review it.

So, what is the mystery?

Don’t worry; this is not quantum physics that you will not understand.

The secret is, this small section of people knows how to manage their time well. They know the mechanism of converting time into work and money by applying a few techniques in their life systematically.

And the most important thing is, we all can do it. The only thing is, we are not focusing on our core areas on how to improve them.

So, let’s understand how we all can get the key to the mystery box of time management by making small changes in our lives.

Let’s first scan the possible reasons for losing our time.

1.Self-management: Time management is directly proportional to self-management. By self-management, I want to say how well you organize your schedules, how disciplined you are in your work, and how much you know yourself. If you are sloppy, you can mess up your time; there is absolutely no doubt about it. For example, if you are not keeping your things in proper places, you will not get your stuff at a particular time; hence you will waste some time finding the property when required.

2.Procrastination: Procrastination is a silent killer of your valuable time. It’s that tricky that before you notice what’s happening, it would have already stolen your valuable time under your nose. These negative thoughts are very dangerous. They keep you engage without giving any fruit.

If you are not aware of the game that is going on inside your mind, then you cannot become an active player. You can only sit and watch like a helpless spectator and literally can’t do anything as your mind is not in your control.

So, you need to sit in the driver’s seat and take charge of your life in the first place.

3.Prioritization: Always prioritize what is important in your to-do list, then act. Normally, we clench ourselves in many unnecessary things that are not important at that point and lose the time allotted for the crucial task.

4.Choice: Choosing the kind of job you like or love to do is highly essential. If you hate your job, you hardly drag some quality time out of it.

5.Laziness: How many times do you slap your alarm clock before you leave, or how many times does the snooze button of your mobile keep on reminding you that’s it’s the time to leave your bed, but you keep on ignoring them.

And because of this, either you miss your target for the day, or you have to rush to reach your daily meets. Well, laziness is something that makes you feel comfortable in your zone but cunningly snatches all your quality time. So, beware where your laziness is holding you back.

We learned in the above discussion what could be the possible reasons that may drag you behind from saving your valuable time.

Now let’s learn how we can save ourselves from these pirates from stealing our time.

1.Discipline: Time loves discipline and punctuality so, try to bring them into your life in every possible way and, this starts from the bed itself. Make sure the moment you leave your bed, don’t allow others to make your bed; rather, do it yourself.

Many a time, we lose our precious time by ignoring our stuff. If we can manage to clean our dishes immediately after we finished our meal it will help to do some other work at the time of cleaning dishes.


2.Early wake up Leaving your bed in the early hours can help you grab a lot of time. You will get more time to complete your task. Although we are getting 24 hours a day in reality, we are using on an average of 14 hours.

Ten hours are utilized by sleeping and in other activities. If you wake up in the earlier hours of a day, your mind remains active all day long.


3.Daydreaming: People say you should dream high to achieve high. But they forgot to tell you that you should also act for it. Sitting ideally and dreaming is like a Hamster running on a rolling wheel


4.Learn to say no: There are several things that we don’t want to do but do forcefully for the sake of others. Many of us get arrested under others’ thoughts that trigger us to say yes for a particular thing, in reality, we don’t want to do. Learn the art of saying no to something we don’t want to do. This will save your time and boost your confidence too.


5.Meditation, yoga, exercise, good food: A healthy mind and body can lead a healthy life. Meditation and other valuable exercises help increase concentration and keep you away from negative thoughts, which are the main culprit behind losing your time.


6.Stay away from gadgets: I know it isn’t easy to keep ourselves away from devices as we are surrounded by these things every step, but at least we can maintain control.

The moment they wake up, some people start browsing mindlessly on social media, peeping into others’ lives and killing their own productive time.


7.Work on your habits: know your habit loops, cement the cracks and go on. Habits are always stubborn. You need to be honest with yourself to analyze where the gap is and how these habits are eating your healthy time in a most unhealthy way. Once you recognize these habits and work on them properly, there is little chance of losing time.Why Forming And Framing a Good Habits at an Early Age is Important?


Time management is highly crucial for all age groups, be it a toddler, a youngster or an older adult. The sooner you master managing the time, the sooner you will become successful in achieving your goal.









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