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Why Your Team Is Your Biggest Asset?

A team plays a crucial role in every organization, be it small or big; if you have a great team, you can achieve your goals efficiently.

Why am I saying so?

let me explain with an example

Suppose you are very good at painting but unfortunately due to a tragic accident you lost your sight. You cannot be able to paint anymore.

Your entire body works as a team to accomplish your goals.

Likewise, we can get many examples from nature as well, from a tiny ant to large orcas, from a pack of wolves to a flock of geese, everyone works together to fetch their goal.

Learn Teamwork from Honeybees

This eusocial flying insect is not only helping us in the pollination of many flowers and fruits and teaches us a great lesson of teamwork. A hive of honey bees can consist of up more than 10000 bees, and they work as a cross-functional team; they work with proper coordination. Each of them has a predetermined job. The queen lays eggs, the worker bees construct the hive and provide food, and the drones ensure that the hive keeps on growing. They have defined roles and responsibilities, and all of them contribute to strengthen and grow the hive.

Benefits of Having a Great Team

  • It opens the windows to new and innovative ideas: Every individual is different and unique in their way so do their ideas. If you are working with a great team, you will get numerous different ideas. Businesses flourish when they have a diverse team of people who can contribute to unique ideas.
  • The anticipation of risk: An effective team can anticipate the risk, which is highly essential for any business. If you can analyze the problems earlier, you get prepared accordingly.
  • It lessens the stress: If you have a supportive team to lead the work in your absence, then it’s blissful. A highly efficient team always ensures that the deadline is met.
  • Efficient and faster work: A strong team can deliver efficient and effective work at a faster pace.
  • Division of work: When work is divided up among team members, it gets done faster, making the overall business regulate more efficiently.
  • Problem Solving: A team with different minds will foster creativity. Hence helps in solving the problem. It improves productivity.
  • They work on one vision.

How to Build a Strong Team

  • Knowledge sharing: It was rightly said by Mr.Booker T. Washington if you want to lift yourself, lift someone else. Sharing your knowledge with others will provide more exposure to your talent, and helping your teammates helps you build your organization.
  • Training: Proper training is highly essential for building a strong team. Hone your teams’ skills by providing them intensive knowledge-based training.
  • Upgrade their skills: As change is the only constant, we need to keep upgrading our knowledge to sustain ourselves in the competitive world. You need to constantly upgrade your teams by introducing them to different knowledge-based sessions.
  • Provide them a fun-filled office culture no one wants to work by sitting on a pressure cooker. Occasionally arrange some exciting outdoor games, go for outings in a year. People love these things to relax their lives.
  • Motivate: Motivation is an important life skill. The reason it’s significant is that every person on this earth is different and has a purpose. Your team must be motivated to work towards your goals which helps your dreams become a reality.
  • Confidence: Boost their confidence so that they can lead in your absence.
  • Trust: Trust them; give them the confidence that you are always there for them no matter what.
  • Make them believe that all of you have one vision and one mission and never allow any negativity in the system that hamper your productivity.


Even if you have conceived many innovative fruitful ideas but they may die before seeing the light of the day because of the failure of execution. If you have brilliant ideas, then hire and build a mastermind team to execute them properly. No one in the history of the world had ever achieved alone without a good support system.



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