Why All of Us Should Learn About Emotional Intelligence?

With the increase in the availability of various sources, we are stuffing our brains with lots of information and knowledge. But is that enough to compete and sustain in this cruel world? As the world is too strange to predict, we need something extra with the IQ. Parents are bombarding their children with numerous books and preparing them for the competition, but how many parents are preparing them emotionally to deal with the gigantic mountain of pressure they face daily or going to meet shortly.

In 2019, nineteen students had taken their own lives in the Indian state of Telangana after failing the state board exam.

In July 2019, shocking news flashed when Mr. V.G Siddhartha’s body was found motionless in the river of India. He had taken his life by jumping into the river. He was the cafe chain Café Coffee Day founder and served as its chairman and managing director. Many such scary real stories that one can find in the newspapers or online are alarming and eye-openers. Now the question arises where are we lacking?

How Can Emotional Intelligence Help?

What is the value of being a genius, made up of a fragile glass that can be cracked easily by an emotional attack?

If you could not handle the mammoth of stress or pressure, then the tremor will crumble everything on it’s from your relationships to your workspace. People with well-developed emotional intelligence are generally considered self-confident, persistent, motivated, and able to control themselves.

Now the question arises what emotional intelligence is?

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is the quality that enables us to confront patience, insight, and foresight, and many other problems that we face in our affective relationship with ourselves and with other people. Your IQ (intelligence quotient) with a specific set of challenges quickly like mathematical, technical, commercial, linguistic, or logical. Still, you will fail miserably if you made a mess of your personal life. Some people are compelled and intelligent but are restless and intolerant, which makes them unhappy. This happens because of a deficit that deserves to be called emotional intelligence.

There are hidden messages in every emotion. When we identify them and act upon them, we become emotionally intelligent.

Techniques to Nurture Emotional Intelligence

  • Do a SWOT analysis of your behavior: Know your strengths, weakness, opportunities, and threats, which will not only help you to have a good command of your behavior but also you can curb the impact on others too.
  • Plan ahead: If you are an entrepreneur, a business leader, a manager tight deadline may suffocate and bring out the devil in yourself. A self-aware and emotionally intelligent person would plan their time smartly and get the work done well before any deadlines.
  • Accept the Change: Don’t stress your mind because of a change, be it in a person’s behavior or a change in business norms. Prepare yourself accordingly because the difference is the only constant; we have to accept this fact. Think of trustworthiness, integrity, and comfort with change.
  • Feed your mind with positivity: Nothing is permanent; things will change shortly. What you are thinking could harm you; it may not happen soon. Analyze the possible reasons for your failure, work on it, and go ahead. Keep on motivating yourself and your team: This plays a vital role in achieving emotional intelligence. A well-motivated person always strives to achieve his goal, inspire others to achieve their goals.
  • Develop social skills: Talk and share your views with your friends, understand their behavior, build a healthy relationship. Compassion understands other people’s emotional makeup. It’s like considering others’ feelings, especially while making decisions.



You need to balance your IQ with EQ on the balance sheet of your life to manage your relationship efficiently.


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