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Why Should Women Take Care of Themselves?

Women Are like Selfless Sun

A woman is like a sun for her family; why am I saying so? Because just like the solar system, the entire family revolves around her. And a lot of women burn themselves by sacrificing many things to provide life-giving light, energy, and heat to their families. Hiding their pain behind their confident smile, a woman struggles a lot between the confusing bridge of happiness and sacrifice.

Suppose we can able to unveil the black curtain. In that case, we can easily find out how a woman holds the solar system together by juggling into various roles and responsibilities selflessly. In this long going process, she loses her dreams, her identity somewhere. I have many friends who had given up their jobs after having a child; many closed the way to their goal after getting married. I am not saying it’s wrong unless you are contained.

One should not forget that all women are human beings and all human bodies need care both physically and mentally despite their gender.


Self-love is Important

Women are packed with so many roles in their lives–mother, spouse, housekeeper, a banker in their home, a manager of the house, caretaker, to name a few–that it’s tough for them to concentrate on themselves. In the hoard of responsibilities, their self-love takes the back seat. Finding the time, energy, and motivation to take care of themselves can be difficult, but you can do many small things to help the flow of energy and moods remain on track. Learn first how to self-love. Pamper yourself, take care of your thoughts because these things will reflect on your day-to-day activities. If you are a mother and your mental health is not under check, it will affect your child just because you’re under stress and the blanket of anxiety may consume all your positive energy. You will start yelling at your poor baby without his fault. The yelling can have a prolonged negative impact on your baby. So, start loving yourself first; things will come to their place automatically.

How To Take Care Of Yourself?

Women are natural warriors; God had gifted them the ability to endure pain. But many of them give up. Here are a few points that may help you to stay strong.

  • Sharpen your skills: Your mind is the powerhouse of your entire body. Don’t give up at any point; with a bit of effort and honing your skills; you can achieve your goals—all you need to do proper time management. At times, you could not get what you have wished for a dream, but that is completely fine; we all are human beings. Everything is not there in our hands; smile and proceed. Learn a new thing and move on.
  • Accept the tribulations: life, as we know, is unpredictable, it will throw you a lemon many times, but you must know how to make lemonade out of it. The things or situations that are seeming troublesome today might change into a blessing tomorrow.
  • Don’t treat yourself as a victim: Whatever sacrifices you are making, you are doing for your own family. They are the ones who matter. Ask your family for any help. Just open up. Nothing is wrong in expressing what you feel bad about a particular situation or action.
  • Build a strong mind: It is tough to crack a robust nut if you manage to become one; nothing can break you. Fill your mind with positivity. Indulge yourself in reading self-motivating books. Encircle yourself with strong and positive people.
  • Take rest: If your schedule is going haywire, don’t fret. It is perfectly normal to have your planning go a little off track. You are not a robot; don’t treat yourself like that; take a rest whenever you need it.
  • Talk to your friends: Friends act as therapists when it comes to loneliness. Whenever you feel exhausted, overwhelmed, and lonely, talk to a close friend, open your heart in front of them. You will feel better as loneliness always try to kill your morale. Social isolation is hazardous to our physical health as well as mental health. We need to spend some of those hours that we are online with a friend instead. Reach out to other human beings to share your stories.
  • Don’t skip basic needs: Some women even put basic needs on hold — doctor’s appointments, haircuts, meeting with a close friend. If this reverberates, you might feel disappointed, lonely, wasted, and cranky.
  • Learn to say” no”: Say no, whatever you can’t or don’t want to do. You need not have to say this rudely; deliver it graciously.
  • Prioritize: When you prioritize things in your mind, things get sorted out. Create visual clues to remember essential things.


As hormones are accountable for balancing our lives, it’s crucial to remember that our bodies change as we age, and therefore, our needs change as well. Ten years ago, what worked for you will likely not have a similar outcome today, and that goes for all other activities like taking a rest, meditating, doing exercise, and eating healthily.

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