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Nine Things You Can Do During Your Pregnancy To Enjoy the Journey

Pregnancy is a beautiful gift for any woman in the whole world. This magical moment is beyond something that words can explain. One new life is living inside you, and the tiny living being is dependent on you for everything; you are the protector, you are the carrier, you are the nutritionist and everything. And the most important thing is without knowing the tiny bud, you fall in love with it. You celebrate and soon after you share the “good news”, with your friends and family, with the greet of congratulations, there comes a load of questions, and advice from all over the world wherever your family, friends had expanded their nest. And all these tsunamis of advice are free of cost. Trust me, never apply all this advice to your own life as everyone has a different body and you have to do things according to your body requirements. The best person to listen to at this point is your doctor.

How To Enjoy the Rollercoaster Rides of Pregnancy?

This phase of life is a roller coaster ride due to the change in hormones, sometimes you feel like you are a queen, and sometimes it felt like being trapped like a slave. Sometimes a small talk with your peers can drain all your energy, and sometimes you go deep into the dark in search of specific questions that are bombarded on the doors of your mind unconsciously. Whether it’s something we browse, saw on the news, or have a personal experience with it, there is always one or two things that haunt our damn world when we are pregnant. These thoughts were smart enough to steal my precious time and were leaving bad memories in my mind. Yes, I was also not immune to those things. So I started exploring things where I can invest my time rightfully so that I get a healthy return in the long run and at the same time enjoy the roller coaster ride.

Here I am writing a few things that I did and explored at that time, and many ladies can do it to get rid of their boredom, negativity, and upsetting thoughts.

Things You Can Do During Pregnancy

  1. Start online courses:

    There are many apps and sites which are providing online courses. You can learn anything by sitting in the comfort of your home. All these courses are simply a touch away, sitting at your fingertips. Knowledge is essential to our existence. Just like food nourishes our bodies, information and continued learning nourish our minds. The internet is flooded with digital coaches; you can choose according to your needs and preference. Constant learning is your self-motivated endurance in developing proficiency and competencies to expand your skillset and prepares for future opportunities. It forms part of your personal and professional development to avoid stagnation and reach your full potential. Don’t be left behind. Ensure you remain relevant to your sector by keeping up-to-date with trends and adapting your skillset. To function effectively in this rapidly changing world of technology, you need to learn new things to remain valuable.

  2. ·Become a digital coach:

    Nowadays, anyone can coach anybody as long as they recognize their core niche and sell using the different tools currently available. If you have a grip on your subject and the know-how to deliver it to your audience. Then you can become a digital coach.

  3. ·  Writing:

    Writing can be a hobby. It helps you in many ways. You can use writing as a tool to calm your mind. During pregnancy, you get so much time to develop this; I completed my first novel during this time. Writing is a lucrative and vast career with a multitude of specialties’ within every single type. People who have developed writing skills have openings in various fields and industries such as content writing, scientific journals, e-commerce and newspapers, academic writing, translating novels, poems, and short stories, novel writing, poetry writing, technical writing of IT industries and others, copy-writing, social media writing, Seo writing, ghostwriting for authors and the list do not end.

  4. ·  Affiliate marketer:

    You can become an affiliate marketer by staying at home without driving to the office through total gridlock. Affiliate marketing is the main tactic to navigate sales and produce substantial online revenue. Remarkably effective to both brands and affiliate marketers, the new push towards less traditional marketing tactics has a considerable impact.

  5. ·  Start your own YouTube channel:

    You can start your own YouTube channel. If you have good content, you can start uploading it to your channel. It is not necessary to have a high-end camera. You can shoot it on your phone, and if you are a camera-shy person, you can prepare slides without putting your face on them. There are many apps available where you can show your creativity and upload it on your channel.

  6. ·  Editor:

    If you have a good command of English, you can become an editor and work as a freelancer.

  7. ·   Blogger:

    You can start a blog site and start writing your stories, knowledge, experiences on your site.

  8. Drawing and Painting:

    This is the time to peep inside your creativity side, steer yourself in the magical world of colours, and feel the jinx. Painting something not only enhances your creative side but also allows your mind to calm down.

  9. Gardening:

    Spend some time with the plants, work with the healthy noodles called the earthworm, know a few plants which can survive easily in water without soil.

    Feel Fortunate Enough for Getting This Time

Pregnancy is bliss; don’t think of it as a curse; use this time as an opportunity cost and utilize it properly so that you will not regret it later. Time off is a gift. Define yourself, discover your hidden talents, hone your skills. Learn about relationship management, learn to calm down, and patient. And those who think this is the end of my career for them, I want to say, “Dreams never die, when one dream is on hold, don’t leave another dream”. Don’t stop dreaming and grooming by learning a lot of things. Don’t lose hope, and this is the fuel that keeps on igniting your dreams. Embrace pregnancy with open arms.

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