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Eight Techniques That Helped Me to Live in the Moment

Ever since my daughter has entered my world, my perspective towards the meaning of life changed.

She made me realize many valuable lessons, from selfless love to how to enjoy every moment. Most importantly, she made me understand how to live in the moment without thinking ahead to future activity or dwelling on something that had happened in the past.

Children live in the moment and enjoy their playtime. They concentrate on what is crucial to them at that particular moment and never bothered about anything else. They enjoy the rain without caring that they might get the flu. We all must comprehend this from children.

Nothing Can Change Our Past

Let bygones be bygones and move on to the more important things in life.

We cannot change what had already happened, so why think about it?

Don’t allow your past to destroy your present.

I have seen many people mourning their past but does that help?

I particularly struggled with letting go of the past and not focusing on what is happening now, and I always ended up in distress.

Be it a big failure or some misfortune, killing your present for the sake of your past is a blunder that you should not commit in any circumstances. Learn from it and move on.

This Very Moment, Right Now Is Important

We should cherish this very moment in our life. For example, when I spend my precious time with my baby, what matters is her giggles, her sweet gestures, her hugs. I should enjoy all these little magical moments without remembering the pain that I had experienced during her birth. Wasting my time worrying about her future will land me nowhere.

If I sit and overthink many things, then those thoughts are going to gift me a bag full of frustration and stress, nothing else.

I have seen many people spending a great deal of time wondering what the future will bring.

No one can predict the future, so why should we waste our time wondering about the future.

Invest your energy in the present so that you can live a life of self-contentment. Here I am writing a few techniques that hold me back from roaming in the past and traveling to the future.

Techniques for Staying In The Present

  1.  Stop overthinking: The happiness that comes from just enjoying something at the moment disappears when someone overthinks. Overthinking invites unnecessary stress, and anxiety so tries not to fall into the trap of overthinking.
  2. Check Negative flow of thoughts: A negative thought is such a destructive weapon that destroys your present and ruins your future. Cutting negative thoughts from your life is the wisest decision you can ever take. It will take you away from the present moment by filling poison in your mind.
  3. Do Meditation: Practicing meditation helps in controlling and calming the mind. Concentrating on the breathing process will help in curbing the flow of unnecessary thoughts. Meditation is a habitual process of training your mind to focus and redirect your thoughts. If you can control your mind from governing you, then half of your battle is won.
  4. Engross yourself in the present activity fully:This is the best way to engage your brain. When you dedicate your mindfully to your work, it will not allow you to distract your mind.Concentrate on what’s happening rather than what happened earlier:

    Things keep happening; no one can stop it, so try to focus on the present and what could be done to improve the present situation rather than crying on the spilled milk.

  5. Be aware of when to put the check gate:Before you can begin to address or cope with your habit of overthinking, you need to learn to be aware of it when it’s happening. Sometimes without our knowledge, our mind wanders shamelessly. We should be mindful of when it’s happening to direct our minds to focus on the present.
  6. Take a walk:When the mind is jammed with overloaded thoughts, take a walk into nature to clear your mind. A clean and healthy mind always helps you to stay happy and be at the moment.
  7. Stop judging others: Start focusing on the broadest perspective of life and stop judging others. It narrows your mindset and shuts your thought process.

Future Is Uncertain

To remain in the present is bliss, but most of us miss the magic of life by consistently worrying about our future.

With a packed calendar, most of our time flies in an unnecessary worrisome and fear. Don’t you think while running after the future somewhere all of us miss those small moments of expensive life?

All these years, I realized that life is just passing by at a faster pace without giving any notice, and I hardly ever remember even being there enjoying the moments.

Time passed by, judging the years and running behind the uncertain future.

When I understood why we should stay in the present and enjoy it rather than judging it all the time, I had already lost one-third of my life.

People don’t understand this, and, in the process, they lose those precious moments that all of us are blessed with, called “the present.”


We often get so caught up with achieving something or becoming someone that we forget to enjoy the journey.

Judge less act more; that should be the jargon of life.

Sometimes even on vacation, we involve so much in capturing the moments on our camera that we almost forgot to enjoy the real beauty from our naked eyes.

So, take a deep breath, look around you; there are so many miracles happening each second. Be there at that moment, and enjoy your life because this is what life is all about.

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