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Why Is It Necessary to Deal with the Devil Called Anger?

Result of Deadly Anger

Anger is a strong emotion innate in almost everyone, but things go out of control when you can’t manage them. Let me explain it with a few questions and explanations.

What will happen when you are sitting in a fast car that runs at a speed of 150 km per hour on a busy road, and suddenly the brakes failed?

As you engross yourself in finding the correct answer, let me ask you another question, what if someone takes over your own house forcefully and sets it on fire in front of you?

In both cases, you are helpless, and the result is a handful of disappointment.

Well, you must be thinking, why am I asking you these toxic questions.

Because this is what happens when Anger takes over your mind and controls your emotions, and you end up with a deadly accident. Let’s discuss why it is harmful, curb the limit, and take advantage of this dangerous emotion and use it constructively.

Why Is Anger Deadly?

Screaming at somebody whom you love just because he was late for a party, shouting at your children just because they didn’t listen to you, crying because of not getting a proper job, throwing objects haphazardly to outburst your frustration, punishing the keyboards after getting an impossible deadline by the boss or tearing the papers because the story that you have written is just not perfect! Maybe the reasons are different, but symptoms like screaming, shouting, pulling, throwing, etc., sound familiar, right? Well, all these symptoms are related to Anger.

Now why this is deadly?

Anger is a strong negative emotion that can convert a happy face to a sad one within seconds.

  • It affects the relationship: Uncontrolled Anger can negatively affect your interpersonal relationships and quality of life. It has the potential to create misunderstanding, which leads to an unhealthy relationship. Even most of the marriages break because of this slow poison called Anger.
  • It has health hazards: Unmanaged Anger can lead to many diseases from headache, dizziness, insomnia to the major ones like heart attack, high blood pressure, and long-term anxiety.
  • It is an obstacle to success: If you give Anger the free wings, it will fly and crash on your success path. Anger and ego are two cousins and work together most of the time. It’s up to you how you are dealing with them. No one wants to work under a furious boss, nor anyone wants an employee who loses his temperament quickly.
  • It plays as a barrier while taking decisions: This emotion can impede a person’s decision-making. That’s why it is advisable don’t take any decision while you are angry.


How We Can Use Anger in a Constructive Way?

Anger is a vice with multifarious repercussions, so it’s better to change the emotion optimistically.

  • Divert your emotions toward something positive. When you are angry, just put some extra effort into your work. Run that extra mile. Do some housework like cleaning.
  • Change Anger into a Challenge or Determination: Take it as a challenge, be determined to finish a long-pending work. Do something that you don’t like doing.

“Learn to control your Anger before your Anger dictates the path you choose in life.”

Techniques for Anger Management

Sometimes we fume on small things like waiting for someone for a long time, getting stuck in traffic or just watching a bad movie. We feel the vengeance that differs from person to person; for some, it may be the hormonal changes, hunger, depression, anxiety; for others, it is simply a personality trait. Winning this tricky game is a little complicated but not impossible. Here are a few tips and techniques that we can apply to get a win-win situation.

  • Breathing exercises: When we are in the trap of Anger, our heart rate and breathing rate increase and overpowers the discretionary part of our brain, which initiates our fight or flight response leading to a heart stroke or heart attack. You can do some breathing exercises like Inhale and exhale deeply and concentrate on the breathing process to lower them. Count slowly to four as you breathe in, and then breathe out slowly as you count to eight. This will help in relaxing the tense muscles.
  • Give a thought before you speak: Anger confiscates our thought process. When you are burning inside in the fire of Anger, your thought process almost gets seized. So think a while before you speak. Our choice of words gives listeners an indication of our stupidity. Once terms exit our mouth, no number of apologies will make them magically go back in: blurting something out and then trying to retract it is like shutting the gate after showing the red bull flag. On the other hand, thinking before we speak allows us to consider the effect of the words we choose.
  • Write it on a paper: Writing acts as a therapy; writing journals help diverge your mind to a different subject hence helps in calming the mind.
  • If you have time to react, then divert your mind into something else: Take some time, do some other activities like dancing, go for a short walk or listen to music. This will help the mind to get some space and calming the mind.
  • Meditation: Meditation is a proven method of calming the mind, but it requires practising to master it.
  • Share your feelings with someone close: Discuss your thoughts with a friend or someone close to you who will not judge you but listen to you. This will help you calm your mind.


When We Should Draw the Line?

At the moment, Anger can be difficult to stop in its tracks. However, detecting the emotion at an early stage can be the key to save yourself from danger. It can allow a person to redirect their thought process more constructively. Knowing when to stop is extremely important, especially when you are dealing with children. Your Anger can have a massive impact on your children. Here you have to work out your patience. Anger builds nothing but destroys everything. You can feel emotionally cut up from the rest of the world and bury yourself under the mountain of guilt if you can’t handle it properly, so it’s essential to know where to draw the line before you react. Anger may lead to untoward consequences. We must master the skill of managing our Anger and train our mind accordingly. We must not fall prey to negativities that fuel Anger; instead, we must keep our cool and solve the issues rationally.



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