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Things You Can Control for A Better Life

Life is a thin line between a sketch of waves and a straight line. That’s what the electromagnetic machine and its companion computer monitor indicates. If life is that lazy, why are we wasting it, interweaving ourselves in unnecessary things?

At times life seems to be congruous, a concordant blend of bliss and felicity, and at other times it’s just malicious. The rollercoaster pattern of life is a fact as, at times, it astounds us with a sudden feeling of surprise and stupefaction or strikes us nefariously, without warning.

Sometimes things do not work according to our plans, and knowingly or unknowingly, we turn our wheels in the wrong way. But does that mean our journey is over?

No, not yet.

I mean, look at you, you are still sitting on the driver’s seat holding the stirring of your wheel; you can still turn wheels in a different direction.

Then what is holding you back to perform?

These are a few negative traits that are holding us back from a brighter future.


Laziness is like a curse. It will kill you in your comfort zone. Sitting ideally, doing nothing just because you’re not getting enough motivation to do it, is a sign of laziness.

If you are suffering from laziness, you should start searching for the root cause and work on it accordingly.

Skipping the tasks with an excuse is a part of laziness. Laziness can hold you back from achieving your goals.


We all know how destructive anger can prevail.

When you are under the dominance of a grotesque, you can’t be able to do anything constructive.

You can’t make the proper decisions and can’t do appropriate planning because your mind is not stable.

The boiling lava of the volcano that has erupted inside you is too difficult to handle once it spreads, so extinguish the fire before it gets the wind.

Anger pushes people away and closes our minds – we stop listening to other people’s ideas, we become trapped and alone.


Procrastination gives birth to stress.

Stress and anxiety reduce your performance.

These are all silent thieves who are highly capable of stealing your precious time on your face, and you stand like a standstill mannequin without knowing that time had already slipped from your hands that you can use for productive work.

Better to stop wandering in the future and focus on the present.


Being envious of others hampers our growth rate. It’s a complete wastage of time. Burning your heart for someone else’s growth is nothing but killing yourself in the lava of your volcano.

Individuals with extreme levels of insecurity, those who cannot remain stable while seeing others succeed, will fail.

So, show jealousy a red signal before it takes control of your thoughts.


It is a trap that your mind knits from imaginary circumstances. Fear of failure, fear of humiliation, fear of trying something foreign never permits us to explore new things in life, which declines our growth chart.


Narcissists are attention seekers; they are always in search of recognition. They need special treatment, love to dominate, and control. This personality trait will never allow an individual to grow.


The ego is one such invisible enemy who may not be visible to you but can easily flaunt its characteristics in front of others. If you allow it to take over your life, it will make you feel like you are the supreme of everything and seizes your thought process. The ego can make us see things differently than they are hence shut the mind to think constructively.


To catch a golden goose, you need to work on these personality disorders. The major challenge is to identify the hidden monster inside you. Once you kill these disorders, you will succeed to achieve your goals.

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