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Depression, Why its Dangerous? Eight Techniques That Helped Me to Overcome Depression

Depression, just like a black hole, is all-consuming.

It can be impossible to spot from outside. Anyone we know could be experiencing it, no matter how self-assured or confident they might appear.

In uncertain times, it is only natural for us to search for certainty in our comfort zone. It provides a feeling of comfort, safety, perhaps even a sense of belonging, but it’s all harmful. Just like a slow poison, depression keeps on killing you slowly.

My Experience

I had never encountered a heartache in my entire life, nor do I had ever gone through any unbearable pain until this February.

Suddenly, the earth had plunged upon me when I lost my precious gem and backbone of my life, my mother. Her abrupt demise scattered almost every part of my heart devastatingly.

In a world where everything is constantly changing—where people, places, politics, situations, and even our thoughts keep us baffling, the illusion of certainty is unusually comforting. Somewhere in my mind, I don’t want to release myself from the shock of her death.

Whenever that face of her on the wallpaper of my phone pops up, all f Every morning, fresh memories flashback and vanish with an empty nest. Each corner of the house mourns her absence in the form of my uncontrollable tears. All these conditions forced me into the darkness of depression.

Human beings go through a lot of things. A lot of people had cuts and bruises. Some of us have had operations and surgeries, others had had illnesses and viruses; but the pain of losing someone and getting into depression is something that is carved and buried somewhere inside our body which is very intense, powerful, and as dangerous as cancer if remain undetectable for a long time.

People say that we feel the pain in our hearts, but I thought it all over my body, including my nerves and blood. Sometimes it paralyzed my brain and took control of my mind. I couldn’t be able to do or think anything. Things hurt, and we all have different pain thresholds for some; the symptoms hide somewhere one cannot find. Maybe this is what “depression” is.

I do not allow others to influence my thinking unless it is positive or uplifting: Louise Hay.

Techniques To Get Out From Depression

  • Surround yourself with a positive attitude, people: Depression isn’t contagious in the same way the coronavirus is, but moods and emotions can spread. Have you ever watched a baby laugh so hard that you started laughing? Or listened to an employee complain for so long that you began to feel negative, too? In this way, moods, even depressive symptoms, can be contagious.
  • Discuss your problem with your peers: Keeping the problems inside you is just like gulping a pack of sleeping pills and not spitting out. Open up with your best friend. What are you going through? This will help you to relax your mind as if you are releasing that acidic flux from your mind. Reach out to friends and family about your situation. You don’t have to pretend that everything is fine when it isn’t.
  • Focus on your hobbies: Hobbies are like chocolate cookies. Focus on them; they will gift a different delicious taste of life. Slow down your brain and focus on the specifics.
  • Learn a new thing: Don’t allow your brain to become a devil’s nest; that will make you feel low and drain all your energy. Learning something new will help to divert your mind. I started my driving class, and I can tell you confidently that this not only helped me to heal but also helped in increasing my willpower.
  • Make yourself flexible: The more flexible, adaptable you are, the sooner you will bounce back. Remember, a rubber ball bounces back quicker than a metal ball. It happens because it has the most incredible elasticity. When a rubber ball hits the ground at high speed, it gets compressed and squeezed but jumps back at the same speed and quickly gets back to the exact shape. I know it’s not that easy as said, but it’s possible.
  • Listen to music: Music had had a healing effect on our body and mind. Beautiful melodious music can do wonders to a disturbed mind. It has a calming effect.
  • Meditation: Meditation acts like that strong roof for you amid the powerful storm that controls the faster winds of thought and calms down your mind. It’s challenging but doable. So practice it daily, take a few baby steps every day.
  • Declutter negativity: Negativity is that rotten fruit that may look presentable at the dining table but can give you cancer if it gets inside you. So cut those toxic people, places, and things from your life. Balance your energy and keep going.

How Can You Help A Person Going Through Depression?

Preaching is not always the solution. Try to make them comfortable so that they can able to speak their mind. Try to understand why the person is suffering.

As I write this, I am stronger now as the first thing I did is I accepted the reality, and I trained my mind like that. However, it is challenging to do than say. Still, my dry eyes get easily wet when a single thought about my mother strikes my mind, but now I can say that I am in a better state now.

We all are humans; things slip back to the past occasionally as it’s challenging to get rid of old habits.

But now she is there in my memory and will live forever with me; that is the reality. Life must go on, and I have to embrace this experience of uncertainty to lead my life again. I have a strong belief that the hard time will pass as it always does.



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