My Personal Experience at Udaipur, India

Udaipur is situated in the western Indian state of Rajasthan and is popularly known as the ‘City of Lakes’ in India.

Udaipur, with its emerald water lakes and greenery, the city serves as a scenic treat for nature lovers. It has many historical treasures hidden in beautiful palaces.

The palaces residing in Udaipur are fascinating in every possible sense and tempt the visitors to explore more of the entire city. Each wall, door, sculpture, statue, sword, everything has an interesting story behind it.

This article describes a few fantastic places to explore in the city of Udaipur from my lenses. I visited the site November in 2018, and here I am sharing my experience.


  1. City Palace:

    The City Palace is a unique depiction of art and architecture through centuries.

    Towering in front of the beautiful lake Pichola, both the lake and the palace attractively complement each other.

    Rana Udai Singh II built the sumptuous palace and further extended it by his successive generation of Maharanas. The place is well known for the Rajputs of Mewar, who have ruled for over four centuries.

    City Palace is a marvellous assortment of courtyards, pavilions, terraces, corridors, rooms, and hanging gardens. The towering pillars, extensive courtyards, and regal balconies all showcase the beautiful architecture. Painted mirrors and intricate carvings on the walls grace the insides of the palace, while the outdoors boasts lush green lawns, beautiful fountains, and a beautiful garden.

  2. The City Palace Museum:

    The City Palace Museum is a treasure of history where you can notice many things about the royals.

    It has many sections showcasing various things from the past. From a silver gallery to a musical gallery to a crystal gallery, everything has something special and unique to offer. Here you can see the great warrior Maharana Pratap’s armour made up of iron and his swords; in fact, you can also witness his horse, Chetak’s heavy iron armour, which is lying on a concrete horse back. So, visiting the museum is a must if you are a history enthusiast. This museum stores a lot from the past to introduce you to the present.

    Hire a tour guide to get some interesting facts about the palace.

  3. Lake Pichola:

    Lake Pichola is not a natural lake. It’s a human-made artificial freshwater lake in Udaipur. The majestic lake built in the year 1362 AD attracts the tourists like a bee.

    We took a boat ride in the serene lake, and it was magical in every sense. The Aravali mountains guard the blue beauty had given a place for Lake Palace in the middle of the lake is something beyond the words can explain. It would help if you experienced it to understand why I am saying so.

    Lake Palace is one of the most famous attractions of Lake Pichola. Also known as Pichola Palace or Jag Nivas, this palace sits magnificently on the Jag island.

    The best part of the lake is the view during the sunset. The sunsets beneath billowing clouds, a smear of pale pink on the horizon, lastly turning into an umbrella of orange. As we desire to preserve the memories forever, salvaging the beauty of everything we see, this particular view of sunset in lake Pichola will not disappoint you; it will give you breathtaking images during this time.

  4. Fateh Sagar Lake:

    Fateh Sagar Lake is an artificial lake situated beside Moti Magri Hill and the north of Lake Pichola.

    The lake comprises three small islands and is surrounded by scenic views of the mighty Aravalli Mountains. The boat-shaped restaurant is quite popular with tourists and locals. The Nehru Park is accessible by inboard motor boats.

  5. Vintage Car Museum:

    Are you crazy about cars? If the answer is yes, then this is the place for you. You may be carried away with a sport utility vehicle’s strength or fall for the fast and furious Ferrari or can die for the Mercedes, but as they say, old is gold. These old vehicles have a different charm.

    The luxury managed by the royal family of Udaipur is worth noticing. As a non-royalty, every other individual wants to know the lifestyle of royalty. Most of us think they must be travelling on horses, but this place proves us wrong.

    The museum showcases some of the most exquisite fabulous collections of royal antique cars, making it a heritage site worth exploring.

  6. Courtyard of the Maidens:

    Maharana Bhopal Singh built this Courtyard of the Maidens for his queen and her handmaidens. When we reached Saheliyon Ki Bari around noon, the elegant garden was pleasantly cool with pools and pavilions and 300-year-old fountains.

    The fountains are made in such a way that you can enjoy the sound of the rain artificially all year round, and that particular place is called “rain without the cloud”.

    It is located just at the banks of the Fateh Sagar lake and presents a unique lush green retreat from the dryness of Rajasthan.

  7. Mansa Karni Temple:

    This temple is present on the hilltop of Machala Magra hills. The best part of this trip is the ropeway journey to reach this place. The journey provides a thrilling experience and baptizes you with a beautiful panoramic view of the city.

  8. Bagore Ki Haveli:

    As one enters the gates of the Haveli, an attractive courtyard with an equally stunning two-storied Lotus fountain greets you. Bagore ki Haveli has three sections, namely Kuan Chowk, Neem Chowk, and Tulsi Chowk. Each one displays the lifestyles of the royals.

    Bagore ki Haveli museum is divided into five sections: The Puppet museum, the main Haveli, the Turban museum, the Weapon Museum, and the Wedding Depiction Section. Each of these sections is very well-maintained and displays the royalty of that period.

  9. Jag Mandir In Lake Pichola:

    Jag Mandir Palace is located on the southern island of Lake Pichola. Enjoy the excellent views of the palace, a 17th-century building made from yellow sandstone and marble. The palace has been renovated to include a cafe, elegant restaurant, bar, and spa. Have time to enjoy your buffet dinner at the palace, and soak in the ambience of your surroundings.

  10. Making of Handcrafted Items:

    If you are a creative person or love creating new things, you can try your hands in making pottery and unique design. Here in many places, you get an opportunity to do pottery work in many areas of Udaipur.

  11. Udaipur for Weddings:

    Destination weddings are quite a buzz these days. Tying the knot in a royal palace in regal grace and royal charm is a splendid idea. Maybe this could be the reason why many business magnates and celebrities in India are choosing Udaipur to rejoice in either their own or children’s wedding function.


    With its natural architectural heritage, breath-taking lakes and unmatched royal romantic vibes, there’s no questioning why people from all over the world flock in mass.

    Now I understood why filmmakers, movie stars and others are coming to this place for celebrating their destination wedding.

    Embellished with explicit beauty and history, Udaipur is the storehouse of several things in one place, be it beautiful gardens, palaces, lakes, hotels, natural scenery, galleries or ancient histories. The gorgeous city has a place for everything.

    Don’t forget to taste the local delicacies of Rajasthan,” Dal Bati Churma”, and “red .


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