Black is Beautiful

Dark complexion, Black skin, fair skin; do these things defines our personality? Many of us believe in what our society makes us think, or the thoughts society injects into our minds.

Unfortunately, we live in a society that decides what should be the right skin tone of our body. And this is the society that labels a darker complexion means it’s “ugly,” and fair skin means “beautiful.”

But what is the reality?

I have seen many people who are obsessed with fair skin. Many blindly apply false claims to their skin in the form of cosmetic creams and chemical peels, and many people are even going a further step like laser treatments. They are not limiting themselves to any extent to challenge God’s creation. Today, the color bias seems to be reinforced by advertisements that continuously equate fair skin with beauty and happiness.

This has brought into the world a multi-billion dollar industry called the cosmetic industry. This industry has dominated our society by capturing our thought processes. It’s a dangerous cultural obsession that the industry is trying to plant in our minds. These traps are inescapable.

I cannot run away from who I am and my complexion or the larger society, and how they may view that.” ― Lupita Nyong.

People are not stopping thereby applying fairness creams; only many go further through an intrusive procedure like skin bleaching, gulping brightening pills, taking intravenous injections without realizing that they are playing with their health. All these procedures are having varying problems and health risks.

Now the question arises, Is it necessary?

If you ask me the same question, then my answer will come out as “No.”

Why should I allow someone else to judge me by my complexion?

Moreover, many examples in the world are changing the age-old beauty concept.

Black models are taking the fashion industry by storm.

These brave hearts never allowed their skin to overtook their talent from fetching their goals.

Supermodels like Beverly Johnson – the first African-American to grace the covers of American Vogue (August 1974 issue) and French Elle (1975, redefined the beauty concept. Be it Naomi Elaine Campbell, a famous model, actress, and businesswoman, Maya Angelou was an American poet, singer, memoirist, civil rights activist, or Nandita Das, an Indian actor and director allowed this fair skin concept of beauty mislead their brain. And the list goes on.

How to Build Self Confidence?

  • It’s not your skin but your mind that convinces you that you are not good enough to do anything. So shut your negative speaking mind by saying,” Nothing can hold me back from reaching my goals. “
  • Be comfortable in your skin. Never waste your time becoming someone you are not, instead embrace and love yourself, learn new things, and take your responsibility.
  • Carry the confidence, not the complexion. How you treat yourself is what you should expect in return. The day you start believing you are pretty, people will follow suit. Beauty comes from within.
  • The spark is within you, not on your outer skin. It’s your talent, knowledge, and hard work that speaks louder than your skin. Hone your skills and lead the way.
  • Never allow anyone to bring down your morals. Please don’t give them the key to your happiness. Things are always there in our hands. The only thing is to identify your strength area. Never allow anyone to define your skin color as your weakness.
  • Ignore judgmental people .No matter what; they will judge and criticize you. Do not allow your brain to consume evil thoughts.
  • Surround yourself with like-minded positive attitude people.
  • Speak your mind in front of your close friends and family.



Everyone is different and unique in their way. Embrace them as they are. Appearance fades away with time; what remains intact is the beauty of the soul. Living in the 21st century and thinking about our new home on Mars, I wonder how skin color can be an issue to worry about.

People are not responsible for their looks (natural) but should boast their inner beauty (love, positivity, honesty, kindness, and others).

It is high time those obsessed with the lighter tone of skin color should change their views and respect a person for who they are. Tall, short, fair, black are irrelevant; rather genuinely, honesty and other qualities are of paramount importance.

The reason why skin is darker or lighter is purely because of the melanin in the skin caused by sunlight. Confidence comes from inside; you should always be happy and proud of the way you look.



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