12 Funny Things Happened When Coronavirus Entered in Our life Without Knocking Our Door

2020 marked itself as one of the deadliest years because of the Coronavirus. Earlier, when someone sneezes, people used to say, “God bless you” now, if someone sneezes, people say, “let me stay away from you. Well, this invisible enemy had changed a lot in our life.

The virus enjoyed traveling freely worldwide without any passport and spooked the globe in every possible way. It forced us to the hermit and made the year 2020 a memorable one by giving us both lessons and lessons. Although the entire year passed in seclusion, and the word” positive” turned out to be the most negative in the passing year and still the sting operation of killing the virus never ended. Amidst all this chaos, the internet came out to be a blessing that kept all of us attached to each other.

Here are a few activities that I am listing here that almost all of us can relate to.

1. Dalgona Coffee: Crowned with brown instant creamy coffee, and the entire body is dressed with white-hot milk, and this particular beverage got a prime place in almost everybody’s coffee mug. Every Instagram has at least one sexy photo of this drink.


2. Free barbers at home: Well, I know nothing is free in this selfish world, but many had a free haircut done by their spouse during this quarantine. Many husbands and wives dared to chop their hair from an amateurish and no matter how the look came out at the end ,the  compliment was,” you look awesome”!


3.Trp of cooking channels increased: Every chat group, social media platforms were flooded with only delicious food images. Almost everyone tried their hidden talent and became a cook. Those who are amateur like me used to drool by looking at the pictures; YouTube became their savior.


4.Lack of toilet papers: No one had ever imagined this situation; there was a sudden scarcity of toilet papers in some countries, I mean seriously!!

5.Pants are optional: Here, I am talking about professional pants; this pandemic almost changed employees’ lifestyle and professional look. Work from home does not demand professional clothes; people are working comfortably by wearing pyjamas, and zoom meetings need only a professional shirt, so wearing professional pants is optional. Only the camera lenses know what are you wearing.


6.A new type of phobia: When we are in the office, we are most scared of our boss’s presence. But now, people are scared of the background noise during the zoom meetings. Many a time, they are caught in an awkward situation in the middle of the meeting. Recently a video went viral when a wife of a professor tried to kiss him when the camera was live. Just imagine what would have happened after the completion of the meeting!


7.Fashion statements changed: Instead of hitting the ground by wearing matching lipstick, people started wearing a matching mask. Celebrities are often found wearing designer masks. I have seen even people wearing skeleton picture masks why people are so obsessed with the spooky image.


8.Challenges in Social media: Social media suddenly flooded with a lot of challenges. #MeAt20 challenge, Saree challenge, baking challenge, Tik-Tok dance challenge and many more surfaced in social media, keeping people occupied during the lockdown.


9.No need for any makeup: When all your face is covered with a mask, why one need to invest in costly makeup and lipstick!. If someone is obsessed with makeup, then they can go for simple eye mascara and eyeliner. So, ladies, Corona helped us in making some savings as well.


10.No shopping: When there was no movement, there was no need for shopping. It’s a terrible situation for a shopaholic. They might have satisfied by buying a different kind of sanitiser.


11.Missing maid: Those who had a maid understood what role they play in our day-to-day life. When we are overloaded with workers missed our house helpers. I think no one will ever argue with them for any mistakes.

12.Plants and pets became our companions: Suddenly, the man connected with nature and understood its actual value. Many people, including me, started a new hobby of gardening and understood how it could impact our lives in a better way. Also, I discovered a few funny names of plants relatable in everyday life, such as mother-in-law tongue, commonly known as snake plant. I still wonder why anyone had given such nomenclature to a carefree plant.

Although we face the second wave now and don’t know when this Corona will get bored from us and ditch us, let’s stay positive and keep enjoying our little things till the breakup. I hope we will relish the sea waves soon without cursing the corona waves.




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