Why Self Discipline Is Important?

Self-discipline is the power to say, this is what I want in my life, and this is how I am going to get it, and for this, if I have to give up some luxury or some other things, I will do it because it’s worth it in the long run. This is just like making a systematic investment for a secure future. We usually set a goal, and accordingly, we cut some of our expenditures and save money for a better future. By doing this, we cannot only save our money but also earn extra cash in the form of interest.

Self Discipline Vs Motivation

If you pay close attention, you will observe that the pace or the progress when we do anything remains relatively the same throughout over some time. Many of us are exuberant and active at first, meaning that we completely absorb ourselves into what we are doing thanks to excitement and curiosity. Still, then as time goes by, our enthusiasm shrinks gradually. Consequently, the amount of time and effort we put in also diminishes. I always emphasize discipline than motivation. Motivation comes when emotional waves are high and go when these waves are low. During low emotions, we skip the actions we intended to do. Self-discipline acts as a principal of your school of thought. It assists you in choosing what to do and what not to do by controlling your mind. Money can’t buy you self-discipline; you have to earn it on your own. Self-discipline is the master key to unlock the doors of success.

Is Self-discipline a Punishment?

Whenever someone speaks about self-discipline, usually, an image of strictness, long stretches, sacrifices, boring life, and self-denial comes into the mind. But what is the truth behind it? The truth is, our minds and negative perceptions create these images. We are having so many brilliant artists, athletes, millionaires who are the product of self-discipline. Self-disciplined people are not dull; they are always full of energy, they are successful. Discipline is the key to success. When you take the desired actions despite what your mind and body are not willing to do.

How Can We Develop Self-discipline?

  • Set a role model:

Having a role model pushes us to make the most of our life. Role models can be anyone; it can be your successful parents, siblings, friends, and anyone who is flourishing, and you want to be one of them. Positive role models impact our actions and motivate us to uncover our true potentials and overcome our weaknesses. We must set a standard to strive for or compare ourselves with that a role model can do. To endure the failure, we can draw inspiration from their lives and try to implement them in our chapters of life.

  • Know your power and drawbacks:

Every single individual is blessed with their inner strength, which is hidden somewhere inside them. Similarly, all of us have our weaknesses too, it is our responsibility to search, find, and work on them. Many people do not have a robust and a well-defined sense of purpose. They keep wandering in the dark like these are people who change their jobs and relationships, start a project, never finish them, and never stick to anything in life. They keep on searching and afraid of any commitment; ironically, they are connected to failure.

  • Find a good mentor:

Finding a mentor who can motivate and inspire you in the dark woods and shows you a way, clears your hazy mind, and gives you hope that, “if I can do it, then why can’t you”.

  • Use your sensory vision:

Sense what you want in life and how badly you want it. Create an imaginary picture in your mind. Your mind receives your commands when you put a solid visionary image inside your mind; your subconscious mind accepts it and starts working towards it.

Don’t doubt your strength:

Always be confident in whatever you are doing. Fix it in your mind that,” I can do it”.

  • Positive energy:

Always hold the hands of positive energies; they are mighty. They help you develop a gut-level belief that you achieve your goals; no matter what comes on your way, you can grab it.

  • Plan and organize:

Acquire proper knowledge, harness your skills, and execute with a proper plan and organization. Break your goals into smaller ones, plan a hierarchy, sketch stairs, and start walking towards them. If you plan for a mountain, it will look huge to attempt, so start with a minor road first.

  • Love what you do:

If you are obsessed with your work, you get completely engrossed in it.9. Make patience your best friend: Hours may convert into days, days may convert into years, you have to hug patience as tightly as possible because this is the thing that can lead you to develop strong self-discipline. You have to hold until you reach where you want to be.

  • Be persistent:

Persistence and self-discipline are two faces of a single coin. Without one, the other is worthless. Persistence is the ability to maintain the course of action even if you feel like quitting sometimes. It will never leave your hands if you are honest with it.


Self-discipline helps in shortening the distance between wishful thinking and getting it. Wishful thinking is like doing window shopping, drooling at looking at things without getting it. Self-discipline will help you to get it for you. Self-discipline is that hard rock that will remain strong even in dangerous cyclones.
It starts working for you from day one; only you need dedication and persistence to stick to it for your benefit.

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