Why Phuket in Thailand Deserves to Be on Every Traveler’s List

Thailand was always there on my bucket list whenever the question of choosing a place for vacation came. The reason is its possession of beautiful beaches and its rich, vibrant vibes. I am not a party person, but I always believe in beach therapy. In an era where stress, tension, depression are becoming our constant companions, I always headed for a place where I can balance my body’s serotonin and cortisol hormones, which are very much responsible for mood change and stress. There is no better place than visiting the beach for this purpose.

Beach Therapy

The beach has such a calming effect on us because of the sound of the waves or the negative ions produced by the waves, whatever is the reason, but beach therapy always works for me, and I feel rejuvenated.
Phuket is a place that is not only blessed with gorgeous islands studded with green jewels of nature but treasured with beautiful beaches. I visited this place last year. Here I am writing about my experience with this place.


Phuket is an island located in Southern Thailand surrounded by mountainous rainforests and blessed to have many pristine beaches. It is the most oversized Island in Thailand and sits on the Andaman Sea.
The place is peaceful and majestic in every sense. Long stretches of beaches aligned with beach resorts, restaurants, hotels, and other tourist facilities earn a top-rated tourist destination. The crystal-clear water with white sand on the beach provides mesmerizing views and positive energy to the body.

Places To Visit In Phuket

Phi Phi Island:

Getting to Phi Phi Island is pretty straightforward. This group of six islands is located 46 KM from Phuket. These beautiful Islands are a treat for the naked eyes. The Island surrounded by emerald water and beautiful mountains can soothe your soul once you reach the place.

Cocoa Beach:

Here you will find an excellent rest with a lot of entertainment for families with children and peers. You will enjoy getting all that your heart likes: a harmony of nature and bright colours, active sports and exciting adventures, first-class service and comfort. Cocoa Beach offers a variety of active sports entertainments, delicious cuisine in a European restaurant, a variety of drinks at the bar, and organizing weddings, banquets, and parties.

Dolphin Show

It was a fantastic show which started with the seals and their acrobatics. And Front seaters got the privilege of personal greetings from the seals also. They jump, swirl, dive, dance, and even sing and draw. Even you have the option of taking photos with the dolphin. But for that, you have to pay an extra amount.


Tiger Kingdom Phuket

Just a single thought of standing in front of a Tiger can give goosebumps. You can get this horrific hair raising experience at the Tiger kingdom.

It was a thrilling experience when you come in touch with this animal. I was impressed by the health of the tigers. All well-fed and clean. Although there is a dilemma, should I go? are they drugged? I decided that the money goes towards them being bred in captivity rather than not. I felt safe at all times, and you can see the keepers love the animals and are very knowledgeable about them. All in all worth the trip. I would suggest going in the morning as it gets jam-packed after 10.30 am.
I will suggest please you go through the instructions properly before entering the cage.

James Bond Island

If you are a fan of” 007″ movies, I mean James bond movies, then you cannot miss this place. James Bond Island is situated in Phang-Nga Bay National Park in Phuket. Khao Phing Kan is an island in the northeast of Phuket. The islands are limestone karst towers. Since 1974, when the Island was featured in the James Bond movie, “The man with the golden gun”, they have been popularly called James Bond Island. We found many people seizing their special moments in their camera by standing back-to-back in the iconic pistols-at-dawn pose in front of the 20-meter (66 ft) tall islet called Ko Ta Pu. It has an unusual shape, tapered from top to bottom with sprouts of vegetation.

Activities to Do in Phuket

If you want to feel refreshed and rejuvenated during your vacation, there is no better place than Phuket. The vibrant city boasts a wide range of spas, Springs Retreat, and many more, where you can spoil yourself with a traditional massage and indulge yourself in divine spa treatments, including fitness rituals. It has some of Thailand’s most popular beaches, mainly situated along the clear waters of the western shore. The Island is home to many high-end seaside resorts, spas, and restaurants.

You can spoil yourself by indulging your soul in many activities.

  1. Scuba diving: You can do scuba diving in the deep sea from Phi Phi. Many shipping agencies have trained scuba drivers and big ships; they will take you to the marine world after providing a few tips and training. It’s a one-day affair, so you have to choose wisely for this activity.
  2. Island hopping: There are many cruises, speedboats, and traditional boats are available for Island hopping. I will suggest checking a few boat agencies’ prices as well as timings before choosing the boat.
  3. Snorkelling: The speed boat will take you to the beaches where you can do snorkelling and greet colourful tiny fishes.
  4. Spas: you can pamper yourself in massage available at a stone’s throw distance. You can find several massage centres
  5. Shopping and Night clubsPhuket City, the capital, has old shophouses and busy markets. Patong, the main resort town, has many nightclubs, bars, and discos.
  6. Banana Ride: Not all of us want to indulge in extreme sports all the time. For those of you who would like a little fun and frolic in Phuket waters, banana boats are for you! One of the best water sports in Phuket.

Currency Used In Phuket

The currency used in Phuket is the Thai Baht. ATMs in Phuket can be found all over the Island, particularly in Patong and near the various resorts. Just make sure to keep enough cash before visiting any local shops as most of them were considering only cash.

Food and Beverages

You can get a variety of cuisines here. Even you can find many Indian restaurants. If you love drinks, then this place offers good news for you; you can get a beer at cheaper rates.

Ferry trip to Phi Phi Island

The ferry is by far the most popular method of reaching the islands. It took us about two hours and 90 minutes from Phuket to reach this place.
The main departure and arrival port in Phuket isRassada Pier, located in Phuket Town. The ferry terminal is a one-hour drive from Phuket Airport. If you are travelling from Bangkok, you need to get to one of these two piers to catch a ferry to Phi Phi. Once you arrive at the airport or the Bokoso (intercity bus station), you’ll have to take a taxi or a local bus to get to the ferry terminal.
Ferries are decently comfortable. The top deck of the ferry doubles as a sundeck, which is great for those who want to sea view from the top and want to do a Titanic pose. The lower decks feature air-conditioned rooms, and drinks and snacks are available onboard. You could also get it. Sometimes the ferries can get a little crowded.
We were lucky to witness a pod of dolphins greeting us while cruising to Phi Phi Island. So I would advise you, always keep your eyes open while sailing, you never know what will happen in the next moment.
We spent one night in Phi Phi. Many hotels are housed here at cheaper rates, and the Island was alive the whole night with fire dancers, live concerts and party people. The energy of that place was at a different level at night. Everyone was enjoying it in their way.


Phuket offers everything under its skies to everyone who would love to visit. There are many things to see and do; you will indeed have a great and fun-filled vacation and experience in the city. I can guarantee if a person visits this vibrant place once in a lifetime, they will fall in love with this place. It’s a budget-friendly place and has the potential of connecting the soul with nature.


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