Why Facebook is a Facemask?

It was festive season Maa Durga had had her presence, with her appearance, the market was brimming with lots of activities and flooded with enticing discounts. Almost every shop is displayed with a banner flashing the word “Sale” on their faces to lure the customers.

I opened my bedroom window allowing the natural light to peep inside my room. It increases my feel-good serotonin levels to some extent without any cost, especially in the early hours of the morning also gives its free ingredients to my indoor plants to prepare their food. Still, the stubborn sun-rays crashed straight on Adhyansh’s face.

Swati, please put the curtains on; it’s Sunday; let me sleep a little more time, he said sluggishly by putting the pillow on his face. I smirked and pulled the curtain, seizing the rays and throwing a taunt, “learn something from Madhu’s s husband they are always on a honeymoon tour how he always makes her happy.” I proceeded straight to the kitchen to sterilize Rutus, feeding bottles; she is my 1year old baby.


After putting the gas in the sim as the Ragi was still uncooked, I went straight to get a quick shower; when I came out, both Adhyansh and Rutu were Still following their dreams lying motionless on the bed. I smiled as a new mom, and I can’t afford such self-indulgent expensive extra hours of sleep anymore. I pushed my thoughts away and started chasing the clock as I have to finish my daily routine as soon as possible to rush to the market in the early hours to avoid the crowd and finish my Durgapuja shopping in one fell swoop.


Adhyansh came holding his belly as if it would fall in some time; Swati, my stomach is upset, he said with a constipated face, but we have planned for shopping today I reminded him. Yes, I know, but it’s nature’s call I can’t help. No, it’s yesterday’s Vada pavs call, I teased with an angry face.” I love you,” he dropped the anger diffusing tranquilizer. Hmmm, these are the three words you always use as your defense weapon; ok, take rest, I will manage, I consoled.

Ignoring the stilettos that were flaunting their slim trim heels, I slipped inside my sneakers as I carried Rutu with me. We step inside the Mall my eyes got attracted to a white dress worn by a headless mannequin I headed towards it just then someone tapped from my back. It was Madhu accompanied by Khusbu; both are my school friends. Hey, what’s up, guys? As I was not expecting them for years since we met, we hugged each other and decided to go to the food court on the 4th floor.

So, Swati, how’s life going on? Nothing special my world is revolving around Adhyansh and our little by-product Rutu and I left the job last year so that I can give her full attention. What about you, Madhu your Facebook says you are always on a honeymoon tour, I teased. She smiled and said in a sad voice, “Swati Facebook shows what we want them to show, and no one wants to show their sad side. Have you ever seen a crying baby’s photo on any mom’s page!”. Manas and I got separated 7months back.  Khusbu, who extended her support and living with me as she had joined the nearby bank as an Assistant Manager, I was shocked at her revelation they were childhood sweethearts. Today only I mocked Adhyansh by setting her husband’s example.

That particular moment made me realized that Facebook is more like a face mask. It’s not an autobiography but a fictional storybook.

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