Things to Do In Bangkok, Capital Of Thailand

Why Bangkok?

There is so much to explore around the world, we can often have a battle between a desire to explore the hidden treasures of the world and money. Let me share one beautiful location that I visited with my husband last year that will not only energize your soul but also budget-friendly. I am talking about Bangkok. Bangkok is the capital of Thailand and a very popular tourist destination well known for its vibrant culture and colorful life.


The currency used in Thailand is “Thai Bhat”. Most of the shops here accept cash so make sure to keep enough cash in your wallet before visiting the local shops.

Things To Do In Bangkok

  1. Explore the tasty and wide variety of food
  2. Enjoy nightlife
  3. Visit the Grand Palace
  4. See the lying Buddha
  5. Admire art scenes
  6. Pamper yourself with a Thai massage
  7. Mingle with the marine life in Ocean World
  8. Interact with the animals in Safari World

Finest Culinary Delights

Bangkok is the best place to indulge in the finest culinary delights. We found a mix of several Thai dishes and other cuisines such as Chinese and Indian dishes in the streets of Bangkok. Here you can relish everything from native to intercontinental dishes. When you are in Thailand, you must taste this special food called Pad Thai. Pad Thai is so synonymous with Thailand that it includes part of the country’s name. Apart from this, we found some mouth smacking seafood available at a very affordable price and in a wide variety all over the place. So, if you are foody or not this place will definitely push you to do some experiment with your taste buds.

Night Parties

We discovered that not only the daylights but also the nights have the ability to rejuvenate your soul. While roaming around the streets we observed that Bangkok is a city that never sleeps and always remains lively. The city throbs with its numerous fascinating nightspots from pubs, discos, dance clubs, jazz bars, and karaoke lounges. After the sun had gone down, the city rocks to the rhythms of the nightspots. The city’s heartbeat never stops when it comes to nightlife. If you are a party person then this place is heaven for you.

Shoppers Paradise

Siam, often name-dropped by locals and guidebooks as the commercial heart of the city. Many of Thailand’s largest and best-known malls have laid foundations here. These include Central World and Siam Paragon, which together offer an eclectic shopping selection. Add to that roster the hip and trendy Siam Center and Siam Discovery malls, as well as the market-style, boutique-lined Siam Square, and this area is essentially the city’s one-stop-shop. Bargaining and haggling for a better deal are important if you are going for street shopping.

Visit The Grand Palace

The Grand Palace located in the old city of Bangkok on the banks of the Chao Phraya river is one of the must-see sites of Thailand. This place is one of the most famous landmarks of the country and offers spectacular buildings and sacred sites palace has been the official residence of the Kings of Siam (and later Thailand) since 1782. The breathtaking wall paintings and stunning architecture are feasts for your naked eyes.

The Temple of Reclining Buddha

This place is situated just 10 minutes away from the Grand Palace. This is one of the largest temple complexes in the city, it’s famed for its giant reclining Buddha that is 46 meters long. The place is serene and beautiful. Apart from the lying buddha the art and architecture inside the campus are beautiful and can catch any art lovers’ attention at first sight.

Immerse Yourself In The City’s Art Scene

Bangkok is known for its art scenes. The city is filled with a sensational selection of entertainment which includes ballet performances, cultural shows, theatre, concerts, orchestras, and live music performances. Immerse yourself in the city’s art scene and enjoy the best entertainment performances live you can ever imagine. It has its own charm and energy.

Safari World

If you are thinking that Bangkok is the city where only adults can enjoy, then the Safari world will prove you wrong. The Safari World houses an amazing set of animals from across continents. From the entrance to the safari tour, every moment here is magical. Literally, I felt like Mowgli in the jungle book inside it. Here animals are free and you can interact with them. Feeding the giraffes and the colorful birds were worth every penny. You can have a close encounter with the zebras, lions, and tigers during the Safari tour.

There are many shows where the animals will stupefy you with their performances.
From Sea Lion Shows, Orangutan Boxing, Elephant show, Dolphin Shows, Bird Show, Tiger feeding and lots of other exciting shows to other kinds of shows like Spy War action stunt, Water Ski, Hollywood Cowboy Stunt, and so on. It doesn’t matter what you opt for; there is something for everyone. You can witness a lot of things where the elephant will paint in the show, flamingos will dance. All the shows are simply magical. This place is a paradise for both animal lovers and kids.

Ocean World Bangkok

Another paradise for kids, Ocean World in Bangkok is the largest sea aquarium in Southeast Asia. It is sitting in the heart of the city, inside the Siam Paragon shopping center.

The aquarium not only gives an immersive aquatic experience for the kids but also adults. You can walk inside the water tunnel and swim with the sharks by wearing an oxygen mask. Encounter with the giant sharks, witness the magical wonderland of aquatic life. There are various ocean creatures who can hypnotize you by their appearance. kids will definitely love this place.

Thai Massage

Improve your nervous system, blood circulation, and muscle pain by pampering yourself with the famous Thai massage. Bangkok is famous for its Thai massage and one can find massage centers in every corner.

Best Ways To Get Around In Bangkok

The train is the lifeline of the city. One can easily travel from one destination to another by train. Even taxis and TukTuk are readily available. Trains are the cheapest way of traveling. If you are hiring a TukTuk then bargaining is the nucleus for saving your money.

All the above-mentioned places give a different experience to travelers. If you wish to explore several aspects of the country within a city, opt for a tour to Bangkok now and make the most of your holidays. Bangkok has a vibrant soul that soothes and rejuvenates the soul back into a life that’s the reason why Bangkok is simply awesome and every traveler must visit this place once in a lifetime.


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