How to Keep the Lizard Brain on The Back Seat?

Fear is an emotion that takes birth with a perceived threat. All of us face fear at some point in our life, but we are not born with it. This self-defence mechanism helps us to protect from danger. Fear remains our constant companion.

But then the question arises why we need to keep it aside or make it sit on our backseat?

To answer this question, we need to analyze first that not every fear is a boon for us. At times it holds you back from reaching a height from where you can able to see the most mesmerizing view of the landscapes. This impulsive emotion triggers us not to do a few things which are essential for a better life.

What Is a Lizard Brain and How it Works?

The reptilian brain makes us do things without a thought. The small amygdala which is responsible for all the fear that we generate on an average day is known as the lizard brain.

When we sense some danger, the brain reacts instantly, transmitting signals that prompt the nervous system. And it causes physical responses, such as a faster heartbeat, rapid breathing, getting goosebumps, feeling the body cool, trembling voice, shaking hands and legs, and there is a hike in blood pressure. While running or doing extensive physical exercise, our body starts to prepare ourselves for these actions by pumping blood to muscle groups.

Fear is an Illusion

Fear is just like a soap bubble; it pops up when you touch it. Bubble looks like a solid glass ball from a distance. Still, the moment you touch it pops up, or when you leave it as it is in the air for a moment, it gets collapse When you are in fear you create a story with a teaser followed by a trailer, and the entire movie comes to an end you are left with an illusion. let me share my story with you. I had a significant phobia of injections. When I got pregnant, my doctor informed me that I have to go through various blood tests and take several vaccines. When I heard about this my nervous brain started weaving its own story like how much pain I have to bear, those pinching injections and blood test needles are going to kill me, many things came to my mind as if I am going to die and those feelings were treacherous. I felt nervous, my husband said, don’t think about the pain think about the baby that we were going to have in a few days your pain will disappear and his words worked like a miracle. I became confident ready to face my fear and faced it bravely too with an operation, so what happened here I faced my fear which was holding me back to enjoy my pregnancy period, and it disappeared.

 How Fear Affects You?

·Fear makes you a self-critic:

It keeps you deterring from taking a new step by feeding your mind that you are not worthy of doing this. This negative self-talk is highly toxic, and we should not allow these unhealthy thoughts in our mind to make a home.

· It holds you back to break your comfort zone:

You cannot grow without cracking the wall of your comfort zone. Fear will threaten you by giving a false feeling that if you go out of it, you will get trapped yourself into unknown danger.

·  Fear of humiliation:

It will hold you back from taking any action. For example, in a class of students, many people hesitate to ask their doubts by thinking about what other people will think about them. Whether they will laugh at them or not that altogether a different scenario, but fear of humiliation dominates their mind by assuming that they will laugh at them.

·  Fear of rejection and failure:

Many people do not take any interviews or holdback themselves from proposing because of the fear of rejection and failure.


 How to Keep Fear in Control?

·Positively take self-critic:

If your inner voice is telling you repeatedly that,” you can’t do it” then find out the reason why can’t you do it? Ask yourself where are you lacking and what should you do to get it right.

· Don’t judge yourself:

Don’t waste your time judging yourself instead take action for the resistance. Always keep this formula handy,” first act then think”.

· Start gathering information about your fear:

It’s always better to know about your enemy before you attack them. Start searching for more details about your phobias; know them to find out where are you standing.

· Be brave:

Take steps, don’t think about the circumstances. Life is all about taking a few risks; otherwise, your growth will remain stagnant.

· Don’t be a toy of other’s opinion:

Many people do not take action thinking about what others will think about them. Just think for a while, even if someone is judging you, how does it going to affect you by any means. So, stop thinking like that and start working.

· Stop giving excuses:

Giving excuses is an easy way to escape. You are working for your benefit, for your goodwill, by giving an excuse you are impeding your progress. So, stop doing it.

· Take failure as your mentor:

Do not hold yourself to fail. Each failure constructs a new step to your success. Every time you fail, it teaches you how to stand again. Try, learn, and beat the fear with your action.

· Face your fear frequently:

Keep hammering on your fear repeatedly and keep on doing it until you win. That is the fastest and surest way ever discovered to conquer fear.

Controlling emotions is an art; you can control them through various tricks, techniques, and persistence effort. If you can able to handle it efficiently, then you can control your fear also.


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